About the company

We search, evaluate, recruit and specialize in the recruitment of middle and senior level specialists and managers. We are active and ambitious, aimed at high-quality and the fastest possible results.

How we can be of service to you:
– to find the best, successful and professional specialists in your company;
– to develop methods of adaptation and motivation of personnel;
– significantly reduce the time and cost of closing vacancies;
– strengthen your team by developing appropriate, specifically for your business, staff development programs.


Each employee of Recruiting Management is an expert in a particular market segment. This fact is important for quality search and selection of personnel, because the availability of relevant information from the recruiter will help you to get the professionals you are interested in, middle and senior managers in the shortest possible time.
We are a client oriented company and we are working on a principle of building long-term relationships with our clients, which allows us as a provider of recruiting services to select for you more point candidates who fit not only a list of professional qualities, but also have a vital position, which fits your corporate culture. With our help you can quickly and efficiently recruit the best, most successful and professional managers and specialists, which in turn will help to strengthen the position of your company in the market.


You can entrust us with the implementation of major projects and get the opportunity to contact a single consultant on all issues. In conditions of multitasking and dynamic work this will save time for the task definition and coordination of the project, and most importantly: to get the desired result.
We believe that our clients’ most valuable resource is their time, so our work is built in such a way that you can dedicate this resource to your business, entrusting us with the whole routine of the search and selection process:

– you don’t have to deal with posting vacancies on various job sites;
– after meeting with you, we can supplement the text of your vacancy if necessary, so that it is fully consistent with the task;
– You do not have to go through a lot of CVs of applicants who responded, selecting the most suitable candidates;
– you do not need to understand the wording of the resume – instead you get a resume that our recruiters have prepared to a single standard and with a full amount of necessary information;
– we gather references from candidates’ previous jobs;
– we conduct the initial interview with the selected candidates, in order to select the one who is right for you;
– you save time by communicating with just one consultant, who closes your project on a turnkey basis.


It is very simple to order professional and quality selection of specialists, middle and senior managers in Ukraine and abroad. You can apply to Recruiting Management Company and leave your request on our website. Our consultant will contact you and answer all your questions.
With the help of “Recruiting Management” you can gather a team of the best, successful, professional managers and specialists.

You can entrust us with realization of important projects and get an opportunity to communicate with one consultant on all issues, which will save time on task definition and project coordination. Working with us will allow you to significantly reduce the time and costs to close vacancies.
We will be happy to meet with you to discuss the prospects of cooperation and tell you more about us and our capabilities.

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